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Genomics and breeding  
  • GrainGenes
    GrainGenes is database of genetic, molecular and phenotypic information on sugarcane and several cereals. It also include information on the researchers working in these areas.
  • Gramene
    Gramene is a curated and open-source web resource for comparative genomics in the grasses. It integrates information from different sources and is specially suited to do comparative studies with rice
  • Puroindoline genotype database. Western Wheat Quality Laboratory
    A public database on puroindoline genes and genotypes of wheat cultivars.
  • The Structure and Function of the Expressed Portion of Wheat Genomes
    This project aims to generate, sequence and map a large number of wheat ESTs (Expressed Sequence Tags)
  • Wheat Breeding and Genetics Program. Colorado State University
    This website contains information on new varieties released by the Program, the schedule of the field days for the current year, the database of the Colorado Wheat Variety Performance Tests, news and more...
  • North Dakota Small Grains Page
    Here you can find information about small grain varieties trials performed at North Dakota State University Research and Extension Centers, recommendations on pest and fertility management, crop rotations, guidelines for selection of varieties, etc. The NDSU also hosts an interesting site about agricultural biotechnology
Wheat commissions and associations  
  • Library of crop technology lessons
    This is a library of lessons on plant biochemistry and genetic engineering in crops, with very good content and animations included, designed for a wide-ranging audience. If you are interested in plant breeding just go for that class !!

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