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Solid stem locus

Contributed by Luther Talbert ( )

Microsatellite marker Xgwm340

Due to the to the quantitative nature of the solid stem phenotype it is not possible to estimate an exact distance, but it was estimated that the Xgwm340 is located within 2 cM of the solid stem locus, Qss.msub-3BL. So far, no other flanking marker could be identified close enough to be of practical use for breeding

Primers sequences:
   WMS340-L   5'- GCA ATC TTT TTT CTG ACC ACG -3' 
   WMS340-R   5'- ACG AGG CAA GAA CAC ACA TG -3' 
PCR conditions:
  • Denaturing step: 94C, 4 min
  • Amplification step (30 cycles):
    • 94°C, 1 min
    • 60°C, 1 min
    • 72°C, 1:20 min
  • Extension step: 72C, 7 min

Total volume: 25 µl

Expected products:
PCR amplified fragments from amplification of wheat genotypes with GWM340. Lanes 1 and 2 are winter wheat genotypes; 3 - 6 are spring wheat genotypes; lane 7, marker, is a pUC19/Rsa DNA ladder (240 bp). Jerry and McNeal are hollow stemmed; Rampart, Rescue, Fortuna, and MT 9929 are solid stem genotypes. The red arrow shows the position of the Xgwm340 allele linked to the solid stem locus.

Conditions presented here should be consider only as a starting point of the PCR optimization for individual laboratories.

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