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Fungi resistance genes

  1. Leaf rust resistance gene Lr19.
  2. Leaf rust resistance gene Lr21 ( A. Fritz).
  3. Leaf rust resistance genes Lr29 and Lr25. (Dr. J. D. Procunier)
  4. Leaf rust resistance gene Lr34, stripe rust resistance gene Yr18
  5. Rust resistance genes Lr35 (leaf rust), Sr39 (stem rust). (Dr. J. D. Procunier)
  6. Rust resistance genes Lr37 (leaf rust), Yr17 (stripe rust), Sr38 (stem rust).
  7. Leaf rust resistance gene Lr39 (G. Brown-Guedira and S. Singh).
  8. Leaf rust resistance gene Lr46, stripe rust resistance gene Yr29
  9. Leaf rust resistance gene Lr47.
  10. Leaf rust resistance gene Lr50 (G. Brown-Guedira and S. Singh).
  11. Leaf rust resistance gene Lr51
  12. Stripe rust resistance gene Yr5.
  13. Stripe rust resistance gene Yr15.
  14. Resistance to fusarium head blight (methods by J. Anderson).
  15. Eyespot resistance (D. K. Santra, K. K.idwell and K. Campbell).
  16. Resistance to septoria tritici blotch

Viruses resistance genes

  1. Wheat streak mosaic virus resistance gene Wsm1.
  2. Barley yellow dwarf virus resistance gene Bdv2.
  3. Resistance to wheat spindle streak mosaic bymovirus.

Insects resistance genes

  1. Resistance to hessian fly (H. Ohm and L. Kong. H25 gene: Ed Souza).
  2. Resistance to russian wheat aphid (J. Peng, S. Haley, and N. Lapitan).
  3. Resistance to wheat stem sawfly (L. Talbert).
  4. Greenbug resistance (Y. Weng and J. C. Rudd)

Quality related genes

  1. High grain protein content (HGPC) gene.
  2. Pre harvest sprouting (PHS) tolerance (M. Sorrells)
  3. Starch properties: waxy mutants.
  4. Grain texture (G. Tranquilli).
  5. Gluten strength (L. Pfluger).
  6. Semolina color.

Abiotic stress and agronomic traits

  1. Aluminum tolerance (P. Gustafson).

General protocols

  1. DNA extraction protocol, adapted for 96-well plates (C. Shao, D. Somers). [HTML] [PDF]
  2. Rapid DNA extraction protocol (G. Brown-Guedira). [HTML] [PDF]
  3. DNA extraction protocol (J. Anderson). [HTML] [PDF]
  4. Formamide gel electrophoresis (J. Anderson). [HTML] [PDF]
  5. Protocols of the Aberdeen Laboratory, University of Idaho, (E. Souza). [link]
    • Iodine screening for waxy
    • Polyphenol oxidase screening
    • Single-kernel assay for high inorganic phosphate genotypes
    • Plant DNA isolation with DNAZol
    • PCR, PAGE and agarose gel separation of microsatellites
    • SDS PAGE electrophoresis of seed proteins
  6. PAGE for SSRs and ethidium bromide staining [HTML] [PDF]