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Rapid DNA Extraction Protocol

Submitted by Jim Anderson

DNA extraction procedure

Sample preparation:

  1. Harvest an approximately 2 cm sized leaf from a seedling (1-2 leaf stage) into a 1.5 mL tube and keeps them in liquid nitrogen.
  2. Grind leaf in the 1.5 mL tube using a cold glass rod (kept in liquid nitrogen) over the vortex.
  3. Extract DNA immediately or store samples in -80蚓


Buffer, total volume = 50 mL. 
Component Concentration Volume, mL
dd H2O - 32.0
EDTA 0.5 M 5.0
Tris HCL 1.0 M 5.0
NaCl 5.0 M 5.0
SDS 20% 3.1
NaOH 10 M 152 無
Na-bisulfite 0.19 g -
  1. Heat solution 30 sec. in 1000W microwave (to 65蚓).
  2. Place on heat plate to maintain temp.
  3. Dispense 700 無 warm buffer into tube, invert to mix thoroughly.
  4. Incubate in water bath at 65蚓 for 30 min.
  5. Invert every 5 min.
  6. Dispense 700 無 24:1 Chloroform/Isoamylic alcohol into tube, mix vigorously.
  7. Spin in microfuge 10 min @10,000 rpm.
  8. Carefully remove from tubes and keep at slant in a rack.
  9. Pipette about 500 無 of aqueous layer from the top of the tube. Transfer to new tube.
  10. Add 1 mL of cold 95% ethanol, invert to precipitate the DNA.
  11. Spin DNA to bottom of tube (10 minute at 10,000 rpm).
  12. Decant, and wash pellet in 1 mL of 70% ethanol.
  13. Spin the tubes (1 min, 10,000 rpm) and pour out 70% ethanol and blot tube on Kimwipe.
  14. Incubate at 50蚓 for 30 min. to dry pellets.
  15. Resuspend in 150 無 TE buffer.
  16. Dissolve in water bath at 65蚓 for about 6 hrs.
  17. Prepare 1:5 dilutions for PCR.
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